Fight to the Death

Story: The House of Quark
Written By: Ronald D. Moore and Tom Benko
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1994

This is a fun one. Quark gets into an altercation with a drunken Klingon, that Klingon accidentally slips and falls on his own knife. This causes some problems, he was the leader of a House…and there are questions as to who can take the house over. There are two who want it…the dead Klingon’s brother…and his widow. She cannot take claim to the house with the story Quark told…so she marries Quark in order to gain control of the house herself. It is fun. Ferengi and Klingons are hilarious together, and I think the relationship between Grilka and Quark is fantastic, as well as the few moments between Quark and Rom.
The B-story involves O'Brien trying to cheer up Keiko after she closes up the school for not having enough students.  It was actually something for Chao to do, as she is usually fairly useless.  But she manages to do enough with this fairly small storyline to make you feel for her, she feels as useless as she did when she first came to the station, and O'Brien feels somewhat guilty for her disposition, since her pretty much forced her into this predictment.

But the A-story with Quark and the Klingons is where this particular episode shines.  It's a barrel of laughs and I enjoy a good Quark episode. 

NEXT TIME: The Other Dax