21st Century Probe

Story: Friendship One
Written By: Michael Taylor & Bryan Fuller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

One thing I’ve noticed about Season 7...the pre-credits teasers are so boring and awful and don’t peak my interest to stay tuned at ALL. Whatever. Since Starfleet just got contact with Voyager over a comm link, they haven’t wasted anytime barking orders and missions at Voyager. They are given a mission to find this old Earth Probe for some reason or another. When they get there they find the probe has caused more damage than it was ever meant to. It seems that its message of friendship and shared technology lead this planet on a self-destructive path that left them all permanently damaged by the anti-matter radiation. Voyager is forced to figure out a way to correct the situation that a pre-Prime Directive Earth caused, while the people on the planet hold the away team hostage
This episode marks the death of Lt. Carey, who had first appeared all the way back in the pilot. He was a vital member of the team, which is way he was in so many episodes, and it is unfortunate no one is going to break the temporal prime directive and be able to save him in the future.

The episode is okay. It didn’t thrill me, but it was certainly not the worst Voyager fare. I just wish Voyager’s “average” episode had the strength of an “average” TNG episode. I’m not asking for DS9 quality here...just a more interesting better paced “average” episode. But these shows can be so dull and leave you cold so often, that I just can’t be thrilled by this series.

NEXT TIME: Primitive Civilization