Story: Fight or Flight
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

Everyone is settling in...figuring out issues with their quarters, how the ship works...and Archer is getting itchy for exploration and meeting some first contact action. When they finally come in contact with a ship, it doesn’t respond to any hails and seems to be adrift. They decide to use the opportunity to explore the inside of an alien ship.
I would say that despite the rather meandering pace of this dull episode, there are some things I do like. Bakula, for example, is pretty good as a Captain. Unfortunately as the series progresses, he loses a little something (luckily I think he regains it in Season 3, but for the bulk of season 1 and 2 he just looks puzzled most of the time). I don’t blame him for losing something, the scripts were as perplexing as he makes them look in his face, but early on he was giving his best, and like I said, he starts trying again as the third season begins.

The episode also gets things like this early group of explorers chomping at the bit to do some exploring. And the way people aren’t quite settled yet was pretty good. Sadly I think the episode is a little too slow and uninteresting, beyond some character moments, to really be completely successful.

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