Story: Homestead
Written By: Raf Green
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

This is the episode in which Neelix finally leaves Voyager. Goddammit...there are only 2 episodes left! Goddamned producers! You screwed me! Well anyways...Voyager discovers Talaxian life signs in an asteroid belt, with Talaxians living inside an asteroid. They meet them, and find that their home in the asteroids is under threat by a stronger enemy who plans to destory the asteroids for fuel, whether the Talaxians leave or not.
Neelix obviously connects with his people, and wants to help them, and when diplomatic measures fail...he decides to leave Voyager in order to help them defend their home, after Tuvok convinces him by paying him compliments (in order to get rid of him I’m sure).

It is actually a decent finale for a character I’ve made no secret about not really enjoying. He certainly gets a stronger out than Kes, who got shoved into the B-story while the A-story focused on Seven reintegrating herself as a human. At least Neelix’s story made sense and was believable. I really could see this being the one thing to make him finally say goodbye to Voyager. Nothing would have swayed him except his own people.

So Neelix has left, with just one last appearance made in the finale. Voyager is almost home.

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