First Class M Planet

Story: Strange New World
Written By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Enterprise
Year: 2001

This is an okay episode. Enterprise discovers an M-class planet; their first in the series. From what they can tell it is uninhabited. They land, and explore a bit, and seem to be enjoying it. But at night those camping out are in for a rough stay, as a big storm picks up. Then it becomes kind of muddled as the characters start turning against T’Pol…they think she is conspiring with some Rock creatures on the planet.
I think this episode could have really worked if the writers didn’t always work under the misconception that every episode had to have some action angle, or some kind of villain or thing for the characters to fight against. What if we just show how these early explorers truly went about exploring a strange new world…sure find something unusual, a mystery to unravel, even go for the bizarre storm angle…but giving us some kind of alien threat or whatever is unnecessary.

Berman’s Trek stopped dealing with the mysteries of the universe. There used to be shows about odd things or unique elements in our galaxy, and they would be character driven at times too…Berman’s Trek is more action based, with less emphasis on substance.

So is this one terrible? Not really. I just think it suffers from the same problems that a lot of Voyager did. I would’ve really preferred a real story, or a real mystery, rather than the forced and hard to buy “we can’t trust T’Pol” plot.

NEXT TIME: I hear there’s gonna be a baby!