Getting Home

Story: Endgame
Written By: Kenneth Biller & Robert Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

Awful. Absolutely awful. That pretty much sums up the bulk of Voyager...but it also is a great description of the finale, “Endgame.” I’m pretty sure the alternate future timeline finale had been done before on TNG...
Essentially Janeway is a cold hearted bitch even in old age, she hasn’t mellowed at all. She devises a plan in her old age to go back in time in order to hurry the journey of Voyager up and make sure Seven of Nine lives. Fuck all the other people who died on that journey home, even that Asst. Chief Engineer Lt. Carey who she lamented the death of so much at the end of “Friendship One”...he wasn’t worth saving? Oh but her “family” isn’t complete! Her family on Voyager only includes main cast members, recurring characters aren’t real family. She is a bitch. Fuck timelines, fuck strangers, fuck all long as Seven lives.

The alternate future is irritating how similar it is to the anti-time future from “All Good Things...” Like Worf, B’Elanna is working with the Klingon Empire. Like Geordi, Tom is now a holonovelist. Kim is a Captain much like Crusher. Chakotay and Seven are dead like Troi. Not a whole lot of job options in the 24th Century, huh?

I just find the idea of a time-meddling future Janeway insulting. Insulting to the very notion of Trek. This whole thing just feels wrong to me. Janeway is only cavalier when it suits her. She is all about protocol with her crew, but she breaks rules whenever it helps her in the moment. Mulgrew adds insult to injury with her awful performance as the character. Nice mix of arrogance, smugness, and bitchiness...with a touch of homicidal maniac.

The plot is a mess with time travel nonsense, a ridiculous love story between Seven and Chakotay, the Borg Queen (once again played by Alice Krige, Susanna Thompson apparently getting the boot), and silly action packed destroying the Borg stupidity. I just couldn’t give this the benefit of the doubt, or turn my brain off enough for this story to work.

After seven years of looking for quick fixes to get home, the only way they actually could get one to work is if Janeway travels back from the future. To me that just seems to prove how shitty she is as a Captain. She couldn’t do it without fucking up timelines. And the big win at the end feels a little deus ex machina, too easy a win. And things get a little paradoxy.

Ridiculous garbage. Pretty appropriate way for this series to end.

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