Master of Disguise

Story: Renaissance Man
Written By: Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

The Doctor and Janeway were at some Medical Symposium (yeah sure whatever, the crew of Voyager are just getting invited left and right to conferences in this area of space where they are always unknown), when they are attacked by some aliens. The Doctor has to play master of disguise and keep posing as Voyager crew members to try and appease the aliens that are holding Janeway hostage.
This one is okay I guess. It focuses on the there is that plus. I don’t know, it is a decent little espionage episode, but I wasn’t as pleased as a Doctor-heavy episode usually is. At least it had the aliens from the daydreaming episode. I don’t know, not bad, nothing too special either.

Although I do like that the list of things the Doctor says to people after he thinks he is going to die. He has a list of Janeway’s questionable command decisions, his feelings for Seven, and some other things with the rest of the crew...that was pretty funny.

NEXT TIME: The Final Insult