Story: Workforce, Part II
Written By: Kenneth Biller & Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

The excitement continues in part two, in which Chakotay continues his efforts to liberate the Voyager crew from slave labor. Tuvok has begun to realize he is not who he is claimed to be, and he mind melds with Seven (just before being arrested) who also begins to see signs that something isn’t right. Janeway is sharp as ever as she just moves in with some guy and screws Chakotay over. Meanwhile on the ship, the liberated Torres tries to remember who she is.
Despite the usual hiccups and obstacles, the Voyager crew comes through in the end and everything returns to normal with no one to ever be affected by, or even mention, this experience again.

This two parter was a little tough to get through. It is two slow moving badly paced episodes that isn’t nearly as interesting or as entertaining as the production team probably thought it was. These episodes are pretty pointless if you ask me. I think VOyager should have saved all two parters and feature length episodes to be about the show’s basic premise: getting home. Why did they waste all of these slots on superfluous episodes that have no real impact on that premise, and not use the big event episodes as an excuse to speed up Voyager’s journey?

NEXT TIME: Overwhelming the Borg Implants