Star Trek: Voyager - Season 7 Recap

Another season of Voyager means another batch of mediocre and boring episodes, with only a few gems sprinkled in. Luckily...this is it. The end of the line for the Starship Voyager, who makes the final leg of its journey home, finally (and quite ridiculously) making it’s way home. But it was a long journey for the crew, and a longer journey for the audience...this show felt like an eternity!

So...episodes I liked. Well “Flesh and Blood” was pretty decent, even if I wished the holograms had not been turned into villains for the sake of action...but I guess only the crew of Voyager and Janeway are aloud to be the good guys in this TERRIBLE fucking show that didn’t understand the Trek philosophy at all. So I guess you could say I liked that one. I actually really liked “Lineage.” It dealt with the issues of becoming a parent and worrying you may make the same mistakes your parents make really well...and the performances from McNeill and Dawson were pretty solid (quite surprisingly if you ask me). “Author, Author” was a fantastic social commentary that managed to not be totally obvious (like “Repentance” was for the death penalty issue) and still be funny, dramatic, and carry some major weight for the Trek universe and the future of Holographic rights. There were some episodes I didn’t hate other than that...but mostly it was just same ol’ mediocre Voyager.

The series comes to it’s big bombastic end in the absolutely ridiculous and awful “Endgame”. The show’s ending is pretty appropriate for the kind of show Voyager always was. It rehashes ideas from TNG while having an irritating plot with bad ideas and a quick fix to get Voyager home...all with the Borg involved! It is everything wrong with the show wrapped up in 90 minutes.

The final season was no better or worse than any other season, and it continued the trend started in Season 5 of weekly doses of mediocrity. It would be nice to say that they picked up their game near the end, but no one was particularly interested in doing that. As a result, I’m not particularly interested in returning to this series again.

NEXT TIME: Whole Series Recap