Yet Another Shuttle Crash Episode

Story: Natural Law
Written By: James Kahn
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

Chakotay and Seven are going to a conference (yeah okay whatever), and SHOCK! their shuttle crashes. I guess the producers wanted to play “Voyager’s Greatest Hits” as they wind down their final season. Crashing and destroying as many shuttles as possible without having anywhere to get new shuttles yet constantly having a full stock and plenty of materials to build whatever new ships they want is a mainstay of this terrible damn show that has no idea how to play the “stranded with no help” angle of the show.
So Chakotay and Seven meet the natives on this planet, and of course they have a little impact on them. Prime directive whatnot...You just feel like Trek was out of ideas by this point. They should have ended Voyager in Season 4 and just let the franchise take a break. But as these things tend to go...they wait too long to close up shop and things get stale. Trek feels very stale, but as the newest film proved, it was really the writing and production team that was getting stale...there is still plenty of things that can rejuvenate Trek.

Meanwhile Paris has to take Pilot lessons and can’t have his Shore Leave! Yeesh. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this series.

NEXT TIME: Neelix Leaves